NetSender is an instant messaging system for Microsoft networks. It's a great alternative to picking up the telephone or sending an email to another work college that may only read the mail in 40 minuets or more. When a message is sent from one user to another the message pops up over any work that the receiver is busy with, this guarantees that the message is seen immediately. Users also have the ability to send messages to more than one user at a time.

An address book and birthday reminder are Included in the NetSender application. The birthday reminder will remind you of an up and coming birthday 4 days and then 1 day before the time, this is great for making that special client feel personalized.

GNU General Public License

NetSender for Win2000 / NT (387 KB)
NetSender for Win XP (387 KB)
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Also available here
NetSender user documentation (57 KB)